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    No Trolling: No trolling at all! Any trolling will result in ban or close to a ban!

    No SPAMing: No spamming at all *to prove that you read this send SMZ to an admin* (Consecutive posting, going off topic, etc).

    No adverising: No creating a forum to advertise another forum, once you get 15 posts you can put a link in your banner but other than that no advertising.

    Unless it's a game, please have 4 words or more per post and If you start a new thread, even if it's a game, you must have at LEAST 15 words in the post (Not including the title).

    No double posting: No double posting is alould. (Except if you we're the last to post in a thread and it hasn't been posted in for more than 2 months), other than that you can always just edit your post

    No cursing: No cursing at all, it can result at an instant ban! Period end of discussion!

    No inapropriate talk: No talking about sex, at all!

    No making fun of religion, race, or culture: I don't care what your reason is no making fun of religion, culture, race at all! Especially to another member!

    Don't text talk: Please don't text talk, it can be very hard to read. If it's something everybody knows like lol you can use it, or like smiley faces yeah you can use it but don't use other text talking.

    And last rule: Don't ask to be promoted, we will decide if you are able to handle the job or not, if you do ask we will know you didn't read the rules and you probaly won't ever be promoted.

    Please have fun on this site. If you have any questions just post and an Admin will help you!

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